Are Dissolved Solids Bad?

Not sure what all the fuss about TDS is?

Dissolved ions in your groundwater are likely at toxic levels, killing your yields and costing you money!

Find out all you need to know about total dissolved solids!

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World Ag Expo 2019

We had a blast at World Ag Expo!

Check out some of our pictures from the show.

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Treat it or leave it alone?

We explain all you need to know to address the water quality issues you currently face.

Not sure if you need to treat your water?

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Control Your Future

Access to sustainable and abundant high quality water supplies have been scarce and unavailable to farmers.  

With stressed water supplies the need to leverage innovative technologies and alternative water solutions is imperative.

Membrane technologies have become a cost-effective solution for brackish water, seawater, and surface water qualities.  

The challenge for many is combining the quality of water needed with its intended use.

Streamline Systems aims to increase the availability, efficiency and reliability of membrane systems, while decreasing the capital and operational costs of these systems.

Using the latest water membrane technology Streamline Systems has developed complete turn-key and custom built water treatment systems that provide farmers with the water they need even where access is limited.


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