High Quality Water Simplified

Streamline Systems, LLC specializes in water treatment solutions for agricultural businesses, public agencies, and a broad range of additional industries. You benefit from long-term water treatment strategies that can save you money , while providing a consistent and high quality water source. Our water treatment systems remove salt, and other harmful contaminants, from your brackish, surface, or municipal water source leaving you with purified water excellent for irrigation and other applications.

We design, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain industry-leading water purification systems. We provide the services, training, and remote monitoring to ensure top performance. Our systems are delivered in finished shipping containers that integrate with your current infrastructure.

Financing the equipment you need is straightforward. We provide customers financing solutions so that you can own the equipment while achieving an efficient ROI. You are free to operate the systems as best meets your needs annually.

We evaluate your operation’s water use, and current water quality, to assess the total potential benefit of purifying your water on-site.

We design, build, and install a water treatment system that gives you purified water at a lower and more predictable cost for years to come.

We give you options to pay for your water treatment system over time.  You own the asset, which means no long term water supply agreement or need to operate the system when you don’t need it.

Your asset will be remotely monitored via our incredible operating system.  We monitor your system’s performance and facilitate exceptional maintenance to ensure the longevity of your investment.

  • Industrial reverse osmosis system in Central California cleaning groundwater.
  • Automated reverse osmosis water purification system located on agricultural land in Central Valley California.
  • Reverse osmosis water filtration system in movable shipping cargo container.
  • Remotely monitored automated reverse osmosis system in shipping container.
  • Custom gauge panel for reverse osmosis system cleaning millions of gallons of groundwater per day.
  • Industrial reverse osmosis water filtration system that is made in America.
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Our Systems Filter 2,000 - 1.5 Million+ GPD

We know your water source needs to be purified so that you can grow the best products on the market, and fast. Let us design a system specifically for you.
  1. We get to know all about your crop, location, and water needs.
  2. You provide us with a water sample. You may provide your own analysis if you have one, or we can use one of the labs we regularly work with.
  3. We design a system based on the results of your water analysis and your needs.
  4. A proposal is presented with the system design, projected recovery, and details such as security cameras, etc. We go through everything with you in detail.
  5. The proposal is signed and we begin to build the system. The exact time for delivery will be outlined in your contract but it is usually in 4-12 weeks depending on size and scope. Expediting is available. We know many times you need to expedite to meet regulations and we can facilitate that.
  6. The system is delivered and set in place.
  7. We commission start-up and train members of your team to operate and run the system. We also are remotely monitoring to ensure operations run smoothly and you don’t lose valuable time.
  8. Over the life of the system you can order consumables such as filters directly from us at a great price. We know exactly what models your system uses making the maintenance of consumables worry free.
  9. Should you need to add additional filtration volumes or move the system to a new location simply call us and we will work with you to make that happen.