Custom built for your specific needs.

Shallow surface water, with abundant availability often comes at the price of poor quality water, not feasible for irrigation.

Streamline Systems analyzes your water source to determine the optimal parameters for your irrigation requirements, and develops a solution specific to your water demands.

Based on the constituents of your water source we engineer our systems to maximize quality and efficiency through informed system design.

Our custom solutions allow you to minimize capital and operational expenses from concept to completion.

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Compact. Mobile. Modular.

Our design mantra is to simplify complicated processes through efficient use of space and materials.  The end result is highly mobile and modular system that cleans a lot of water in a very small footprint.

Our containerized systems are built and tested to operating specifications at our facility in Southern California prior to shipment.

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Automated Remote Maintenance

With our experience as farmers, we understand the time and cost demands of the agricultural industry . We designed our clean in place systems (CIP) to be both autonomously controlled off-line and remotely accessed for access to performance data and automatic cleaning initialization so you can focus on farming and not maintaining equipment.

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Element Resistant Construction

We choose specific industrial coatings and material to ensure our systems endure very harsh and corrosive environments found in agriculture and other water treatment industries.

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