Offset, or completely eliminate, your district water use with on-site water treatment.

Installing a water treatment system on your land provides immediate relief from restrictive water allocations while also providing a long term cost savings. You get purified well water, with up to 99.9% of TDS (salt and other contaminants) removed. The benefit of owning your own water treatment facility is straight-forward.

1. You determine how much water you need, and when. In dry years with restrictive water allocations you can pump up the use of your water treatment on-site. You give your crop the high quality purified water it needs for maximum yields whether or not the district is allocating what you need.

2. There is no annual minimum operation agreement.

3. The water treatment system you purchase from Streamline Systems is mobile. The containerized system can be moved to different facilities or plots if needed and will repeatedly tie into the provided infrastructure to purify the water on-site.

We evaluate your operation’s water use, and current water quality, to assess the total potential benefit of purifying your water on-site.

We design, build, and install a water treatment system that gives you purified water at a lower and more predictable cost for years to come.

We give you options to pay for your water treatment system over time.  You own the asset, which means no long term water supply agreement or need to operate the system when you don’t need it.

Your asset will be remotely monitored via our incredible operating system.  We monitor your system’s performance and facilitate exceptional maintenance to ensure the longevity of your investment.

free water assessment
Streamline Systems has made a huge impact on our almonds.  With the drought and worsening water allocations, we had to look at our wells, but the Electrical Conductivity (EC) [in our well water] was too high.  The Streamline Systems Reverse Osmosis system cleaned up the water at a cheaper price, per acre foot, than county water.  Now we can go back to focusing on farming.
Pete Elgorriaga, Long-Time Central Valley Farmer